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Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is found in small amounts in various foods. NAD supports the formation of healthy cell metabolism and energy levels.

Our New  Product Line incorporates NMN in a  New Liposomal Version that works like the bodys own trasport system, enhancing uptake and delivery to our cells. 

Liposomal NMN 


What is NMN?

In simple words, NMN is a naturally occurring compound that gives your body energy. A nucleotide is a kind of chemical that includes NAD There are a lot of functions of nucleotides, but the role of nucleotides in our body is that it is the building block of DNA. Your body breaks down NMN and converts it into another chemical called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD). NAD is needed for your body to perform several metabolic and energy-producing processes.

NMN is the raw material, and NAD is the polished form that your body can utilize. The amount of NMN in your body determines how much NAD your body can produce. According to scientific research, as we age, our NAD+ levels drop, which causes a variety of aging symptoms, including lower energy. Taking nicotinamide mononucleotide supplement can help boost NAD+ levels and slow the effects of aging.

Our NMN supplements

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide Supplements support cellular activities by acting as a NAD-boosting supplement for healthy aging.

Nicotinamide   mononucleotides Our product is stabilized and do not need refrigeration.

Our NMN Supplements comes in bottles containing 90 capsules, allowing you to enjoy the results of the supplement.

NAD+ levels decline with aging, and NMN can help to maintain good NAD+ levels.

All  of our supplements are made safely and quality tested in the USA. We are committed to providing you with a supplement that is all-natural and free of GMOs.


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Do NAD+ levels decrease with age?

A vital component called NAD+ decreases with age. Small amounts of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) can be found in some foods and trace amounts in the human body. It has been shown that NMN is orally available and supports NAD+ levels in muscle and liver tissue.

Concerns regarding NMN supplements

Some NMN supplements claim to be "high-purity " even though they are low-purity supplements. Fewer than 80% of NMN supplements are pure, and the other 20% might be fillers, like flour, or it might be dangerous by products of the NMN manufacturer. Austin Cellular Nutrition guarantee you that we will provide you with 100% pure NMN supplements with premium quality ingredients.

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What makes Austin Cellular Nutrition NMN unique?

=> Austin Cellular Nutrition is Texas best NMN supplement provider.

Our Company is owned by a Food Testing Laboratory with 34 years experience in maintaining Food Quality Standards and FDA regulated Analytical Methods.

=> We ensure that you will receive the highest-quality NMN supplement. We employ scientific research inside our Pharmaceutical Grade Laboratory and collaborate with top scientific experts. Our supplements are more stable, next-generation supplements. We are also the first US company to produce Reduced NMN in the Laboratory. 

=>  Austin Cellular Nutrition offers high-purity, third-party-tested NMN to ensure that the supplements are 100% pure. We test for a much greater variety of chemicals than many other industries do, making our supplements potentially the most fully tested on the market.

=> Our products have undergone testing at independent US-based third-party labs some include Certified Laboratory, Eurofins, and Micro Quality Labs.

New & Revolutionary Science                                  Jan  4, 2023

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The short answer is Yes.

There is clear research showing liposomal delivery's advantages, such as better bioavailability and delivery to cells, increased absorption, and convenience for consumers. The enhanced liposomal delivery system also has equal or superior efficacy compared to capsules and tablets, delivering more powerful results even when traditional supplements are taken in higher doses.

Liposomal delivery can also help those with digestive issues and those who have trouble swallowing pills, and they're especially beneficial for those taking multiple nutrients or pharmaceutical compounds. Because liposomes prevent metabolization by the gut and liver, liposomal delivery tends to decrease the chances of drug-nutrient interactions. 


As with any nutritional supplement, quality matters. It's important to choose brands wisely to ensure stability, compatibility, potency, and consistency —even with liposomal delivery. With Austin  Cellular Nutrition, liposomal delivery can offer benefits previously delivered exclusively through intravenous therapies.

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Scientifically Proven 

NMN supports the formation of NAD+ which is a co-factor in energy production.

You would have to drink ~176 litres of milk to get the same amount of NMN found in 2 (500mg) capsules.

As you age your cellular repair and energy production processes decline. Cellular levels of NAD+, a key enzyme associated with healthy cells and energy production decrease. Studies have shown that the combination of sirtuin activators such as pterostilbene and NADH+ boosting NAD supports healthy cell function.

Cell Nourishment supports healthy levels of cellular NAD+, stem cell function, and normal inter cellular communication to help you age well. Our ingredients NMN, Berberine and Apigenin work together to support your body's natural defenses against 3 of the 9 Hallmarks of Aging.

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