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Experience Better Nutrition with Liposomes

What are liposomes?

To protect and distribute active substances directly to the cells of our tissues, which are accessible by the bloodstream, liposomes encapsulate them in a phospholipid "bubble." they are specialized delivery vehicles that perform various functions to improve the effectiveness of active substances.


By removing barriers to cellular and tissue absorption, liposomes balance therapeutic substances and enhance the bio distribution of substances to target areas.


  • safeguards substances in the stomach and intestines against digestion


  • significantly longer blood circulation time (not filtered out by the liver)


Liposomal Delivery's improved bioavailability is a key factor in product delivery.

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Taken in the form of NAD or NR, this is a far superior answer that prevents NAM from digesting the active component.

  • Up to 30% of NAD administered sublingually enters the bloodstream, meaning that less of it gets digested into NAM, and thus methyl group depletion is less of an issue.

Even better are liposomes, which can shield NAD+ metabolites from being broken down and digested in the stomach, liver, and circulation.


Liposomal delivery stops your costly NAD+ precursors from being broken down to NAM, which is a waste of money and potentially harmful to your health.


 It's a sustained-released liposomal delivery method that offers Berberine in simple-to-swallow capsules with better absorption.


Our method prevents Berberine from being degraded in the body by encapsulating and delivering it intracellularly in its entire form.

LIPOSOMAL  Berberine provides cutting-edge assistance for:

Metabolic activity and removal of senescent cells

  • Weight reduction

  • the activation of AMPK

  • Insulin and blood sugar metabolism

  • Microbiome equilibrium


 The advantages of Berberine go beyond its ability to promote autophagy; they also include metabolic pathway optimization and an increase in the molecules responsible for maintaining the epigenome. Additionally, it has been demonstrated to raise NAD+ levels by activating the AMPK enzyme.

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